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Best Food at the Michigan Fair

Funnel cake

Combining together the fundamental taste of powdered sugar and fried dough, the funnel cake brags one preferred standpoint over other treats. It’s one of a kind, shape boosts surface for sugar and takes into consideration for helpful offering to its effortlessly separable segments.

You can consume it, if it is fried. That is by all accounts the informal saying of Michigan carnival sellers and it’s one that they are glad to live by. Just thinking about it, now we want to go to a county fair.

Stick Food

The Michigan County Fair offers a diversity, which offers more than 50 sorts of stick food. Begin with a cocktail snack: a broiled pickle on a stick maybe, or a speared nutty spread and jam sandwich. For your primary course, try out the modern spaghetti and meatballs on a stick — a pasta-filled meatball, shrouded in sauce and fried. Or, on the other hand, for a more conventional dinner, perhaps you’d like some speared pork hacks, steak or even bacon-wrapped turkey. Cheesecake and organic product are among the most famous stick delights.


You can’t have a Michigan Fair without either a pie-eating challenge or a pie-tasting challenge, in which pie chefs contend to see who has the most delectable formula. So despite the fact that this food doesn’t go on a stick and isn’t deep fried, it could very well be the most customary county food of all.

Cotton Candy

This splendidly shaded spun sugar has been a foundation of the carnival eating routine for over a century. It was named to ‘Cotton Candy,’ the cloud-like delectable soft regardless for social sugar rushes.

Caramel Apple

Despite the fact that most apples are not the best amid the months of summer, plunge anything in caramel and it’s appetizing. While many county fair sellers serve straight caramel or taffy, others get artistic: popcorn, sweet, organic product, and bacon have all been stuck onto the caramel-covered surface of what begun as a solid bit of natural product. Say what you will in regards to the nourishing worth of the total, yet this snack’s cool fresh apple interior is precisely what you need while sandwiched in the middle of other sweat-soaked carnival goers.

Cob Corn

The crunch and a blend of sweet and flavorful are an appreciated takeoff from a portion of the all the more stuffing and sugary things to be had at the Michigan County Fair. Go simple on the spread and you can even call it nutritious.

Corn Dogs

By encasing a basic layering in a thick layer of fried cornmeal dough, the Michigan County Fair staple was conceived: simple to deal with on a stick and sufficiently greasy.

Elephant Ears

Fried smoothed batter, spread, sugar, cinnamon — that is the elephant ear. It’s a thin flank of fried sugariness that is by all accounts about as large as a genuine elephant ear, yet it’s significantly more delectable. Contingent upon your area, it could likewise be known as a “beaver’s tail” or essentially “fried batter”