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Do Salt-Free Water Softeners Work?

There are two choices for water softening salt-based and salt-free systems. They both work but when you are looking for a system, you want to determine which one will be more effective for you. This depends on the type of water in your home.

Salt Free Systems

To choose the best system, have a water analysis performed. Salt-free systems differ from those that work with salt. They are actually water conditioners more than they are softeners. Your local water solution company can help you figure out if they are better for your home by doing the water analysis first.

Salt-water softeners work differently from salt-free systems in that they use an electronic meter valve on a fiberglass tank that handles water by the gallon. When the unit runs a cleaning cycle the water gets flushed with an ion substance. The water is then cycled back to the sodium tank to flush the hardness out and pump the cleaned water into the main system.

Find Out What Is Water System

Salt-free softeners are descalers and conditioners more than they are true softeners. Salt-based softeners take minerals out of the water and flush the cleaned water back into the main water supply. Salt-free systems retain the minerals in the water but transform them so they do not adhere to surfaces like plumbing and clothing.

Both systems work to take out the hardness that causes plumbing corrosion, staining, difficultly lathering soaps and cleaning clothing. Besides finding out what your water system is like, you should know more about what the water that comes out of the system will be like. Salt-based systems give water the ability to lather soap better. You will probably feel the difference in the water as it should feel slicker. Your skin will feel softer and your clothing will come out of the wash looking brighter.

You will also notice that your showers and bathtubs do not accumulate scaly build up. If you want these benefits, you want to select a salt-based system as long as it is going to work best you’re your water supply.

Salt-free conditioners will keep the minerals in your water but will turn them into hardness crystals that cannot stick to surfaces. You will notice a reduced buildup of scale in your bathroom. You will also notice that soaps and detergents bubble up more and that your laundry looks a little brighter. The main benefit of a salt-free system is that it does not require the maintenance that the salt-based systems require. They do not use chemicals and they do not put out waste water or use up electricity.

Water Softeners For Your Home

Have a water analysis done in your home first. Once you know how seriously your water is affected by minerals, you can better decide if you should choose the salt-free system or not. They do work but they work differently from the salt-based systems. They are not true water softeners but they do condition your water supply. This conditioning process will help your water work better at keeping things clean. To know more about water softeners Visit here.

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