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The Different Pros And Cons Of Stylish And Portable Window Desks

A highly popular office equipment trend is the portable window desk. This allows the user to move their desk as required, but also to adjust the height according to their needs. While it is a beneficial option with some positive attributes, it is important to take considerations into account before moving on from traditional desk setups. This article will provide information on the different pros and cons of stylish and portable window desks.

What Are The Benefits Of Stylish And Portable Window Desks?

1. Alternating The Choice Of Sitting Or Standing

The 21st century is one of advanced technology and recent years has seen workspace designs realize that using a single method of working can be detrimental to the staff member’s health. To resolve this problem, designers are now offering staff more flexibility in their workspace through the use of a portable and adjustable desk. In previous years, employees would be offered different places to work; however, this is not always possible and may be difficult to manage. Using the adjustable desk, the user is able to alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day and enjoying the physical benefits.

2. The Health Benefits Of Standing

Standing assists in negating all health issues that are associated with sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Research has shown that even the best ergonomic chairs cannot change the fact that constant sitting reduces the heart rate and leaves the body’s muscles performing little to no productive exercise. However, if you opt to stand when working, you will make the body exert energy and increase levels of work productivity.

3. The Benefits Of Sitting

While sitting is not considered as physically beneficial as standing, it does present with certain positive attributes. Evidence has found that sitting offers a person’s joints and muscles time to recover and relax. This is particularly beneficial for older staff members and people experiencing muscular difficulties, such as chronic back pain. Height adjustable portable desks are useful for this because they allow a person to alternate between sitting and standing.

4. Aiding Weight Control By Standing

One of the benefits to standing at a portable window desk is that it boosts the person’s weight control. When compared to sitting at a traditional type of desk, a person standing for extended periods of time is able to burn several calories per minute. This is due to the body’s metabolism slowing down when sitting but reigniting when standing.

5. Aiding Concentration

According to various studies, standing up can boost concentration and help people feel more alert resulting in increased productivity. In contrast, sitting for long periods can place a person at risk of becoming drowsy or fatigued with low productivity. This means that alternating between standing and sitting can help aid concentration, promote alertness, and offer a rest when you need it.

6. An Increase In Productivity

As is mentioned above, the alternation between standing and sitting can help staff members maintain a high level of work productivity. Using this approach and portable window desks, there is no real excuse for a person to feel fatigued during the day – unless they have not slept well and are tired to begin with.

What Are The Cons Of Using Stylish And Portable Window Desks?

1. Works Best With Computer Monitors

Based on the large size and increased adjustability, the portable desk is better suited for a computer monitor and not laptops screens. This means that the staff member will need a monitor screen and it could be considered a further company expense.

2. Chairs Are Redundant

When the portable desk is adjusted to standing mode, this creates the problem of what to do with the chair. Placing it underneath the desk is not an option as it will get in the person’s way; however, it cannot be left behind the person as it will become a hazard to others. Get to know more at https://deskview.co/blogs/products/window-desk

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